When it comes to keeping your home or business as safe as possible, investing in the right surveillance security system is essential. However, even with added video surveillance, you can go one step further to protect your home or office, by taking a few of these tips from Mijac Security, the Upland security experts, into consideration.

1. Secure Your Surveillance System from Hackers

First, you can secure your surveillance system so it can’t be easily hacked into. You can do so by changing your password every three months, as well as ensuring that all of the default passwords for your surveillance system have been changed. Additionally, never connect your cameras to a public network and make certain there are no weak points in your system by encrypting it.

2. Increase Business Security with Additional Camera Features

One good way, for business owners, to increase security is by taking advantage of extra camera features available, such as cameras that can tilt and zoom for multiple views. You can also invest in artificial intelligence technology that monitors your footage and flags anything out of the ordinary and night-vision technology or infrared LEDs to better see incidents.

3. Avoid Legal Liabilities

This is especially important for business owners, but homeowners as well. You can avoid legal liabilities by respecting the privacy of guests in dressing rooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, exam rooms, and hotel rooms.

4. Store Video Footage in a Cloud

Nowadays, there’s no reason you should ever have to delete past security footage, with all of the cloud storage technology available. Be sure you have access and can store your surveillance camera footage on a cloud so no potential incident goes missing or unrecorded due to memory space.

5. Strategically Place Cameras

Placing your surveillance cameras strategically is another way to make the most out of your security system. Place them in areas like the entryways and exits, as well as rooms with high-value items. Also, be sure you have sufficient lighting to illuminate areas where cameras are placed.

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