One of the biggest threats to your home is fire, which is why many choose to hire a fire alarm monitoring company to install smoke detectors and fire alarms that will help you protect your home if a fire breaks out. Many security system companies also offer smoke/fire alarms as part of their environmental hazard detection features.

However, there are many things you can do on your own as well, which is why the team from Mijac Alarm has compiled some tips for you below.

Check Your Appliances

Always check your appliances. This includes making sure your oven and stovetop are free of debris. You should also clean your dryer vent every few months to eliminate the buildup of lint. Checking your appliances will ensure they’re always in good working order.

Don’t Leave the Kitchen

Most house fires start in the kitchen when pots are left on the stove unsupervised. Never leave the kitchen while you are cooking. If you must leave for a few minutes, turn off the burners before you go.

Mind Your Fireplaces

If you have a working fireplace, never leave it unattended or without a gate in front of it. Make sure all flammable materials are at least six feet away and that children can’t access the tools or matches and lighters.

Watch Your Cords

Limit the number of extension cords you use in your home. Use surge strips that are designed for multiple plugs. Keep a close eye on cords and watch for any frayed areas or exposed wires. Never cover your cords with rugs or run them underneath furniture.

Test Your Smoke Alarm!!

Test the battery in your smoke alarm every six months to ensure that it’s in good working order. If the smoke alarm doesn’t work, even with new batteries, replace it immediately. Make sure that you have more than one smoke alarm in place if your apartment or home requires two or more to meet state fire safety guidelines.

Let Mijac Alarm be your fire safety company!

If you have questions about fire safety, call Mijac Alarm at (909) 982-7612. As one of the leading local fire alarm monitoring companies, they can answer all your fire safety questions and help you make your home more secure.

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