Most companies now have a mobile component. With work teams able to complete their roles from a smartphone and communicate from across the globe, mobile technology is now untethering employees from the work desk. But security remains a critical factor. And so within this latest post, we will explain the three ways your team can use GPS tracking solutions to improve security in your company.

Learn more about movement of work vehicles

When work vehicles are in the possession of your employees, it is important you have all the information you need to control the safety of the vehicle and establish its whereabouts. GPS tracking solutions help to monitor work vehicles and give you information on the vehicle’s location in real-time. This can be critical when your employees are on the road and out of contact. If you notice that the work vehicle has stopped at a specific location for a period of time, you can report the stop and then speak with the driver of the vehicle later to find out more about the reason for the stop. The process ensures full visibility into the location of company vehicles around the clock.

Reduce fuel costs by determining route options

One of the most important reasons to utilize GPS tracking technology is to ensure that your drivers are taking the most fuel-efficient routes while on the road. Reaching your goals in terms of delivery times is essential and limiting wasted time on the road will also help to improve the levels of customer satisfaction within your business. Your GPS tracking solutions can provide more information on delays on the road, helping your drivers avoid problems and streamlining delivery of freight.

Improve the safety of your driving team

Your GPS tracking solutions not only report the location of the vehicle and equipment, but also the vehicle’s speed and pre-defined route. If the vehicle goes over a certain speed limit, you receive an alert, helping you to improve the safety of your team and allowing you to reduce instances of dangerous driving within the company.

Our team at Mijac Alarm is now helping companies across the country secure their assets and protect their drivers. To discover more about the latest GPS tracking solutions in the marketplace, contact us directly today!


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