Summertime seems to spawn new and more creative fraud schemes every year, this year being no exception. Beware of any technicians who are trying to gain entry into your home, even if they claim to be from Mijac Alarm!

Criminals and competing alarm companies pose as technicians, taking advantage of the unsuspecting homeowners. They’ll scope out your home and security system for later entry. Or they’ll try to get you to switch providers and sign up for a new long-term expensive contract. Either way, they’re crooks.

Local police have noted curb markings that may serve as a code to indicate the existence (or absence) of an alarm system in the home.  If you see suspicious persons making these marks, please report it to the local authorities immediately.

Please remember our technicians ALWAYS wear company shirts and carry identification. If you’re unsure about the person at your door, please contact our office at (909)982-7612 and ask for verification.

If you have any information regarding these unauthorized door-to-door salesmen, inform the police so they can take appropriate action. In addition, please share this notice via e-mail or social media to protect those you care about. Mijac Alarm has already filed formal complaints with the state, and needs your help putting an end to the harassment and fraud in our neighborhoods!

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