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GPS Tracking Services are the most convenient, cost-effective way to know where your business vehicles are and where they’ve been 24/7—anytime, anywhere, from any web-enabled smart device! You’ll have real-time GPS location information, alerts and updates at your fingertips—helping to improve productivity and customer service, recover lost or stolen vehicles and make critical, timely decisions.

Why choose GPS tracking for your business?

  • Ideal for delivery and transportation services, emergency response vehicles, campus cars and school buses, trucking and limousine fleets
  • Get texts or email alerts when vehicles exceed speed limits or when vehicles/assets travel beyond predetermined geographic boundaries
  • Detailed reporting on stops and starts
  • Know when and if company vehicles are in use during nonworking hours
  • Increase efficiency and decrease extraneous costs such as extra fuel or idle time
  • Easily locate and manage high-value assets such as heavy equipment, trailers, generators, sheds, trucking and freight containers
  • Know when equipment has arrived at a customer site
  • Fully integrated with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, which lets you control your security system, lights, locks, thermostats, view video and more

Want to know where your vehicles are at all times?

With Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services, users can get real-time information about vehicles, boats, heavy equipment, and other assets from wherever they are.


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