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Engineering Services for Your School, Municipality or Project

Need expert help designing your project? Want the best equipment for the job, not just what the architect has been trained on? Hundreds of options exist for all types of security related processes. With over 45 years of experience in all levels of residential, commercial and enterprise level projects, our staff is sure to meet or exceed your expectations. Our President, Steve Sopkin, is considered an expert witness by the State of California and consults internationally to help guide experienced professionals on many different levels of security.

“I need an alarm company that understands our project…”

  • Over 4 decades of experience
  • Expert witness for the State of California
  • Integration far into the future without worrying about selecting an out of date product
  • Mijac Alarm’s personnel are constantly reviewing new products on your behalf
  • Integration with Architects, Engineers and Contractors
Mijac Alarm

Call today and know your project will have the support of our entire staff. Billed by the hour, by the project or included in a design-build application, our staff will try their best to meet or exceed your expectations.

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With Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services, users can get real-time information about vehicles, boats, heavy equipment, and other assets from wherever they are.


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