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Fire Alarm Monitoring Company

You need immediate response when your fire alarm sounds. Precious seconds help save thousands of dollars in merchandise and countless lives in a fire. We are listed as one of the Top 100 fire alarm monitoring companies in the United States out of over 15,000 companies nationwide. Our UL Certified Central Monitoring Station coupled with our top notch service team keeps an eye on your business 24/7, affording you peace of mind to lock up at night from knowing we are standing by.

“I need help today getting my fire system up and running…”

  • We currently monitor and service many local City Hall facilities
  • Mijac Alarm’s Monitoring Station is UL Certified. This allows us to:
    • Help set policies and practices for your benefit
    • Customize dispatch instructions to meet your requirements
    • Maintain the high standard you have come to rely upon
Mijac Alarm

With over a thousand fire alarm systems under our belt, Mijac Alarm is a fire alarm monitoring company holding all the proper licenses to engage with the local permitting process on your behalf. We can monitor almost any system on the market, so contact us today for a free quote on your security.

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