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Business Fire Installation

Mijac Alarm always uses UL Certified installation techniques and equipment when completing your fire alarm system even if a certified system is not required. Whether a new building, a retrofit or upgrade, following architectural plans or a “design-build” application, our technical staff has you covered. With a great working relationship with the local fire authorities, our staff will help guide your fire plans through the city as quickly as possible. This ensures the very best in fire protection is keeping you safe 24 hours a day.

“I hate delays at the city when submitting plans…”

  • Installation and service on all types of fire alarm systems
  • Plans submitted for Sprinkler Water Flow and Fire Safety smoke and heat alarm systems
  • Interfacing with all necessary contractors or city officials to complete your system
  • Thorough record keeping maintains accuracy for government and insurance requirements
Mijac Alarm

Mijac Alarm is committed to designing the right system for your company using the best in quality, service and experience.

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